About Us

Old World Tileworks INC. is a Delaware-based residential and commercial ceramic tile installation company Established in 2003. Shortly after graduating college, owner Dan Di Francesco saw the need for there to be a strong, reliable, detail oriented tile installation company in the state of DE. Raised in a construction family and having earned a degree in fine art he founded the company on principles of attention to detail, creative design, and unparalleled customer service.

The combination of artistry and a construction background proved to be a natural fit for the ceramic tile trade. Reminding customers of artisan quality from days of old, Old World Tileworks quickly became a player in the high-end residential and commercial market in the Delaware valley.

Realizing that every customer wants assurance that their tile will be installed correctly and free of defects or failures, Old World Tileworks joined the National Tile Contractors Association and is actively involved in the organization as state director of Delaware. Believing in education and wanting to maintain the integrity of the ceramic trade, owner Dan Di Francesco became the first certified tile setter in the state of Delaware in 2013. The CTEF certification is a written test and a rigorous hands on installation evaluation.

The CTEF certification is the only recognized industry test that fewer than 1000 installers nationwide had passed as of 2013. Employing certified installers is Old World Tileworks’ way of assuring homeowners and project managers they are getting the job they are paying for.