Commercial Tile Installation

Licensed in DE, MD, and PA


Slowly developing the company throughout the years, Old World Tileworks emerged into the commercial market seeing a need to offer architects, designers and construction managers a more creative, technical and service driven option. 

We found commercial construction to be a delicate balance of quality, production, and pricing. Lack of experience or organization can cause disasters on large commercial projects.  Sharp estimating and having the right staff and systems in place has been extremely important in developing our commercial business and contributing to our success.

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In a competitive economy we know and understand the importance of a realistic and accurate number.  We have invested in estimating and accounting software to ensure that our bids are fair and accurate to help keep project managers and G.C.’s costs low and keep us all working. If your estimator ever has any questions or needs pricing quickly you can be sure Old World Tileworks will be there.

Total Flooring Package

Streamlining the process is always helpful in commercial construction.  That is why Old World Tileworks offers total flooring packages along with its expert tile installation to customers.  Carpet, vinyl, resilient and many other types of flooring can be supplied and installed.


We have been on several fast paced projects from schools to hotels and restaurants to occupied office buildings.  Old World Tileworks knows the importance of safety, successfully completing projects on time free of failure, defects, and worker injury. Our staff is educated and we have all of our lead mechanics CTEF certified (the only recognized certification by the tile industry).


Licensed, Insured, Bondable

Old World Tileworks is licensed in DE, MD, and PA. We have all of the necessary insurances to protect project owners, G.C.’s and workers in the event of an accident.  We are also able to obtain performance and payment bonds when required.